Remembering the meeting with a friendly man at the ” By Ti Mo event “ in Oslo last thursday..

As I just arrived at the location for the run-away event, I saw an elegant and well dressed man sitting by a table and enjoying a glass of Cava. This man was wearing such a nice outfit, perfectly combined that I had to get some pictures for you people.


His name is Damir Prins Juric, he is from Croatia but lives in the wonderful town of Berlin. He works at Eyegasm,, a fashion & showrooms agency. He has the responsability for brands like Andrea & Renato, Barund CPH, Holly Golightly, Pascal Magali, Pink memories…He is assuming those tasks between Berlin and Hamburg. Eyegasm has also subsidary in Munich and Dusseldorf.

The outfit:

The dark blue jacket in lin is custom made,Design: D&G

The dark blue trouser in lin is custom made, Design: All Saints

The shirt is custom made: Designed by Hugo Boss, N.B: this model does not exist anymore.

The shoes: Collection Privèe, Italian shoes

The accessories: cedar wood bracelet from Lebanon and the leather and silver bracelet from the Jewelery brand Buddha to Buddha. The silver ring is a model from the 70`s

The Watch is a Breitling watch

Get inspired !


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