På sidespor..? Well I know you guys love cars

for some days ago, I was walking in the area of Tjuvholmen in the city center of Oslo when I saw an advertisement out of a shop, introdusing the Fisker karma in Norway. I walked inn and ask if I could take some pictures and there you are..

Well it`s not directly about fashion, it`s about design, it`s about being fashionable and just like fashion does, it makes you noticed…

About American luxury plug-in hybrid fisker karma  

Fisker Automotive, an American company based in Southern California, has been a catalyst in the auto industry. With the Karma, Fisker changed the perception of what an electric car could be: a high-style, high-performance luxury sedan.

– The fully certified Fisker Karma, an all-new car with all-new technology from an all-new company, went from concept to showroom in less than 48 months and for much less cost than industry standard.

– The Karma offers a unique package of world-class style and design combined with industry leading economy and the lowest emissions of nearly any production car.

For the Specifications to:

Not a car for everyone`s wallet but as Martin Luther King said: I have a dream..

To see the car in Oslo:

AUTO Tjuvholmen at Strandpromenaden 9


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