On my way to downtown Oslo today , I met this young Norwegian guy named Christer in the street, he had such cool yo, yo, yo, you know maaaan, those street Hip Hop, R&B guys attitude ye,ye maaan…. and nice outfit that I had to ask to him to take some pictures for you guys…. He was actually walking with a friend but I didn`t get any pictures of him because he first had to see his friend on my blog, you got it maaan yo, yo yo…yo, yo, yo…..

Jeans: from Ed hardy by Christian Audigier with pattern on the back side 

T-shirt: from Yari , bought in London, UK

Neklace: bought in a store in Oslo in Frogner but he didn`t remember where

Ring and bracelet: bought in London, uk in a small shop but he didn`t remember the name either

Caps: Dsquared

Well at least I thought it was cool, I hope it will inspire you and thanks to Christer….


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