Walking in hedgehaugsveien in Oslo, Norway yesterday, I riched the MOODS of NORWAY store, it was a VIP customer`s day with waffles and jam at the entrance and a hudge amount of items with 50% discount.

Here is a few pictures of the store including a pictiure of their pink tractor, for those of you that doesn`t know, the tractor is a branding stamp. I took also a picture of my favorite outfit from their Spring / Summer collection 2012 that would be perfect to wear on a summer evening out. I love their flowery jacket combined with white shirt, bowtie, shorts and beige suede shoes. MOODS of NORWAY has several stores in other towns in Norway,  a store in L.A in the U.S and of course an online store, go to: http://store.moodsofnorway.com/no/?gclid=CIyi0_G-_7ACFaItmAodNA5JOw

For your information the Fall / Winter 2012 collection will be available from around juli 20th as well as accessories that is a new product range for the brand.  They have also designed a special collection for the summer Olympic games 2012. 


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