Hi guys, if you were wondering about why I didn`t post so much stuff on my blogg latetly, you`re getting the explanation. I had a short trip to Sweden in the area of Skåne for a reunion with some friends I used to work with. Many years has gone when sunddenly we got in touch again. Skåne province is a beautifull area with its wild nature and charming small towns by the sea, anyway one of them is called Båstad and did you know that in those days, it`s the “Swedish open”. If you are interested in tennis, well take a trip, the “Swedish open” is ending on june 15Th. Combine your trip with some escapes and do not miss to visit places like Kulabygden, Arild, Mölle, Höganäs, etc.. just beautifull places on the sea side with amazing nature.

By the way, MOODS of NORWAY is represented there at the ” Swedish open “

If you haven`t heard about ” MOODS of NORWAY “, go to   


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