Sunday`s goodies: today is not about fashion but today, it`s all about Norway because…..

If you look at my last post from today, you will understand why I have choosen to write that one as a Sunday`s goodies..

The photo of the wild flowers that I actually picked up and add in my last post will bring you to a cabin on the seaside in Drøbak, Norway about 40 kms from Oslo. I spent the week – end there with my dear two daughters Linn Cecilie and Julie Marceline and their respectives boyfriends, Trond and Nicklas. And yes, I was lucky this Week-end to be invited by Nicklas, please see the posted photo.

About Norwegian lifetstyle:

Very many Norwegians owns a cabin by the sea or in the mountain. If they don`t have their own, they have very often some relatives, friends that have one and some have to rent it. The Norwegian love the gorgeous nature of their country, water sports, boating, go in the wood / nature, skiing and spend their week- end or vacations in a cabin. I hope you will enjoy this post, even you Norwegian guys or you guys from abroad, living in Norway.Image



and it is more to come…….., enjoy!


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