Alert for only some of you guys, did U know that….?

I wrote som of you because it`s not about clothes but about food and that kind of food, either you like it either you hate it.I am now talking about what I call forest gold. And why…? Just because I want to inform you that you can start to find it in the forest, at least in Scandinavia but I guess many other places too.

You will say, I can go and buy it in a store , ye,ye  you can do it that but I will suggest you to take a trip in the wood and for many reasons, it`s a good motion form, you can enjoy the nature around you, breath fresh air, smell the forest, amazing like I experienced it today after rain fall, just wonderful and at last the pleasure to see that gold shine on the ground and all the wonderful dishes you can make with it, WOW, WOW, WOW! j I just love it. Did I convinced U now?


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