This is my way of presenting ties and sunglasses….

Ties and sunglasses gives you an identity, a look and are very important parts of your outfit. range, design, pattern and brands are many but the choice is what`s you want to express out. In this post, I will show you some samples through a different approach. I am now taking you to a very wellknown park in Oslo that tourists from abroad, Norwergian tourists and people from Oslo cheers this Park is called “Vigeland park”

Among a hudge amount of Sculptures that the artist created, there is this very popular little guy called “Sinnataggen” that amaze everyone because of the face expression the artist gave him, an hungry little boy and I choosed him as a model. A little more about him, this little guy has been victim of different agression like being tagged with paint and was even stolen and here he is with ties and sunglasses. For your info, while I had the photo shoot, the tourists expressed their enthusiasm, taking a lot of pictures of my approach, I hope you will enjoy it!



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