Exclusivity on Adamsfile.wordpress.com, I am taking you in the vintage world of Oslo to a specific place through….

Here is the beginning of the story that started last Saturday. I was on my way to meet a friend in downtown Oslo, Norway when an another friend saw me  and ask me to have a chat. We were sitting at the terrace, right beside us were sitting to ladies enjoying a glass of wine. We came in talks and I said to one of them, Torhild that I had a fashion blog. She advise me to take a look at a new opened vintage shop nearby that was filled with vintage pearls. She had a background in the art of fashion and of course I took a trip to check it out. Well, no bad surprise, simply the opposite. There is so much to show you and write about that I convinced myself to make a serie of articles.

My first article will be about an exclusive intervju with the  creative, passionate, enthusiastic shop owner Jenny Juve about  the history and the ideolgy of this vintage shop in Oslo.

As she was eleven years old she wrote an artikkel in one of the largest newspaper Dagbladet, the tittel was ” what`s wrong with old boots ?” She  was of course at that time going to school and many class maid made found of her and thought that she was strange. Jenny was a strong young girl and didn`t care about those comments.

Later on in 1979, she was on a trip to Cannes, France and found a similar shop and purchase vintage clothes for 5 times less then she would have spend buying new clothes and that`s were she began her journey and ideology in and for the vintage world.

About her Ideology: everybody should have an ARMANI jacket

People create the clothes  and clothes create people

Norwegian men like many men worldwide must learn about ” dress code “, Never use yellow socks with an ARMANI suit.

About environment: Using vintage is like practicing recycling of your garbage, it saves the planet.

People are storing clothing pearls in their lofts, They should give them away or sell their pearls to others to give the joyce to other people for this what`s all about.nother typical comment is: Oh, this one I must save, I had so much fun with it in the 70`s. Well, as I haven`t time to write more, I am actually going to the MOODS of NORWAY event very soon but I promise you to write more tomorrow. Have a nice evening from me, Alain. Enjoy your evening, take a look on this few pictures.

 You feel immediatly abroad while you`re approaching the shop 

 a vintage ARMANI jacket

  a 1920`s hat

 vintage purses

 Ray-ban sunglasses from the 50`s with real tortoise shell frame

 Chanel clutch

That`s just few samples of the pearls you can find in Jenny`s shop, called” Fløyel & kanari ” or translate in english ” velvet & canary . Look forward to my next post…

PS: If and when you get there, refer to Alain and my blog Adam`s file, you will get an excellent service from Jenny


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