Taking you to the MOODS of NORWAY event, part one

ImageWell this event started with a quite frustrating situation because when my friends and I came to the check-in entrance, the security team couldn`t find our name on the guest list even though we had confirm the invitation. We were then told to wait outside until all the guest was checked in.Well, to tell you the truth, my French temperament got right up.and within 3 minutes I called my stylist friend to go and talk with of the guys from MOODS. She did so and we got inside very quickly.I known the MOODS team and as soon as I got there, I got a varm welcome and get a good comment for my outfit, I was of course wearing a “VINTAGE” MOODS of NORWAY jacket with assorted pink sunglasses: Image

Fumi Desalu and I at the check-in

Before the presentation of the SS 2013, The MOODS of NORWAY cocktail party, we got drinks, some nice canapé, some waiters with old fashion piccolo uniform was going around with Norwegian Freia chocolates and we got a goodie bag with some MAC FACTOR products and candies.

Then at 10 pm started the show.

About show: MOODS of NORWAY has a reputation not only for their designs innen clothing but also for their shows around it and I must say that last night was may be the best one ever and was defenetly on the international level.

From the speaker that made an excellent job:

  here he is, with of course a typical MOODS of NORWAY suit

to the Stryn international color festival taking us in a fairytale that I loved and then the presentation of their collection SS 2013 inspired from the 40`s and 50`s, an amazing and artistic catwalk show that the crowd really enjoyed. congratulation to the team that managed to transform our frustration to joy. here is some pictures, unfortunatly I was sitting quite far up so excuse about the picture`s quality:



 Pcture on the outside of the Oslo konsert house where the event found place

 my photographer friend Sandra  a stylist

 myself on the MOODS pink tractor

 My dear gorgeous friend Fumi Desalu

 after party

and not the dark side of the MOODS but of the moon  


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