The vintage world of Oslo taking you to a specific place, part II

Coming back from an interesting evening in town, as I wrote on my last post, I had to stop writing because I had to go to the MOODS of NORWAY event, Well, I promised you to write more about this vintage shop and even though I should go to bed because It`s late, I feel so excited about this shop that I have to write a second article before I go to bed.

About the history of Fløyel & canari: The shop is located on the west side of Oslo in Frogner to be more precise Fredrik stangsgate 35.  It`s not without any reason that she opened her store there, she has actually been living i this street all her life except the few years she was living in Paris, France. Gimle crossroad is her crossroad, Jenny said. This part of town is a town in Oslo town just like the “arrondissements” are in Paris. Frogner is a traditionnal “chi chi” but now there are more continental shops to find. One of the continental type of shops that was missing was a vintage shop. The choice was quite easy for her because she was passionate about clothes and especially second hand market, not a bad choice when we know about the growing interest among stars and fashionistas. Jenny said ” Today, it`s vintage that is “chi, chi”  well, now I am going to rest to be fit for the next events.

I have taken a picture of Jenny, here is this amazing lady: 


and a picture in the shop:

Don`t worry. there is much more to come:-) Have a very nice saturday.


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