The vintage world of Oslo, taking you to a specific place, part III: “Fløyel & canarI” or in english “Velvet & canary”

I spend some hours in the shop myself, talking with Jenny, taking pictures, looking at the vintage pearls, she has got in this new little shops. There are stuff all over the place. She is still organizing the shop even though she has been working eighteen hours a day the last two months. Yes, you`ve been reading correctly, Jenny is actually a teacher at the French school René Cassin in Oslo which is located nearby her shop and has been working there for years but she found out that she had to do something about her passion for vintage wears. Opening this shop is for her the realisation of a thirty years dream, isn`t it fantastisk?  Well, people should learn about that, it takes a lot of courage, a lot of time, a lot of engagement, a lot of love to do that but you get also so much self- confidence, so much satisfaction and you `ll feel so much better in yourself. To achieve that dream, she has been buying vintage wears from USA, Italy, France among many other places.

Today I have also the pleasure to inform you guys that even though, she hs opened the shop for a short while ago, she will have an official opening event august 31th she will post this invitation on Facebook.

Jenny has got a lot of energy, while she is stressing around trying to show me some new vintage goodies, she is talking about her thoughts. She tells me,, today people and especially the younger generation are learning through our society and lifestyle what she calls ” through away and buy new”. Here again she is thinking about recycling, our planet and our mentality.

More about her ideology: She is very concerned about good old handcraft traditions like the tailors,the  hat makers,the  shoe makers, the embroiders have done for hundreds of years. She is buying for example buttoms from all over the world, from football buttons from England to china buttons from France. She told me tat when she purchase clothes and don`t like the buttons, she just sew new one`s to get it the way she likes.

By the way, she is also offering sewing and tailoring services through a very good and charming tailor lady that really does a fantastic job. I`ve tried it when I bought a jacket from Jenny`s shop.

Clothing tip: A human will be unique in it`s own clothing combination, today is everything allowed as long as it`s conducted. Remember all human create his own stil and the most important is to feel well and confident in yourself.

And now some new pictures:

        Look at this vintage peace

  and those shoes

 Sunglasses from the 40`s

Advertisement for tailoring and sewing services

In my next post in this serie I will post vintage wears classified in categories of vintage wears.

enjoy and get inpired!


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