Sweet little darling blog, art+fashion events, stylist and my pink birthday party, who am I talking about ?

Well, This is my dear friend Svitlana, she has a lot of energy as you may understand. I was one the guest but of course also invited to cover on my blog, the event ” My pink birthday party “. A lot of different things happened during that evening at the night club” Baroque” at Bygdøy allé in Oslo on august16th. Check-in pictures, welcome drink, pink cupcakes, ballet dancing with violin, belly dancers, pianist with talk show, catwalk, lottery with nice gifts, Three singers performed during the event and many speeches to the birthday girl of course. Well, should I say more, I don`t think I need it, you surely understand that the guest had a lot of entertainment and fun. Thanks to our dear friend Svitlana for this event. See the pictures:Image


Svitlana on the left side of the pictures backstage before the event


My dear friend Fiffi feka with her friend, she stand as a hostess and coordinator of the event


Aksel Kolstad stod for the talkshow and played Piano


Vana singing


Ballet dancer Nora Minothi from Starlet by Ravensborgl management.



Hip pop singer Marck Jamz

and Belly dancers from Oslomagedansstudio




My model friend Lidiane Amorim

Adamsfile.wordpress.com thanks everybody that was at the event that night!


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