The new clothing adventure serie will be bring you back to the 16th century in chapter one

but first of all, as you have noticed, I didn`t post any sunday`s goodies or what so ever, you might have been thinking that I took the day off, actually it was so nice weather in Oslo that I could hva done it but no I didn`t I was actually working for you guys and that`s how the adventure started. I got a phone call from a man asking me if I wanted to take a look at his showroom, After a couple of hours,  I got there, Approaching the showroom location with my model friend Lidiane, my first comment was, it must be Aleksander. With his long beard, his outfit and style , he could have been Robinson Crusoe or a figure from the film “Pirate of the caribbean” , do not misunderstand me, actually a perfect ambassador for the brand he is representing. He is a cool,  lay- back and professional guy with the responsability of the Norwegian and Swedish market. Aleksander is from a town on the  west coast of Norway, called Ålesund, a pretty town with a lot of Art Déco architecture that I love so much. We felt really welcome when we got into the exhibition area, we had a lot to look at, not only men`s wear but the furnitures and styling details, all this stuff was in harmony with their products. I felt I was back into Christopher Columbus era with some elements from the hippie periode of the 70`s.  Actually,  Alex could tell us that the owner and creator of the brand is from the good old school with gentleman attitude, taking good care of his employees with a passion for the clothing industri.

Now, I am going to reveal the name of this clothing brand that he also call his last baby: Blue de Gênes, an exciting brand by the wide range of products and design in the middle and premium market with a touch of avant garde.

About history: 

The history of jeans started in Genova, Italy, more then 400 years ago.
At that time, the harbour workers in Genova used a robust fabric called
“Geanes Fustian”, made of Arab cotton, for working clothes and sailcloth.
The materiall was dyed blue with indigo, very strong and thus well suited
for dockers and sailors.

This fabric was exported to other countries, and eventually known as
The Blue from Genova, or in French “Bleu de Gênes”
Since Genova at that time belonged to France.
The English adaptation of the expression then became “Blue Jeans”

The story behind the blue jeans and Blue de Genes is the starting point of
this collection, a clothing line with an authentic look and high quality
Materials, featuring hand knitted sweathers, and japanese selvedge fabrics.
Blue de Genes jeans are produced in Italy and just Blue de Genes is a family owned
Business, the suppliers are small family run factories.
The quality of these rough jeans is never being compromised.
All styles have a strong and unique identity and a design that will last for
several years.

Claiming that it is “Indigo that it is flowing in our veins”
Blue de Gênes promise to continue the legacy of Genova.

About your Blue de Gênes jeans:

Every Blue de Gênes jeans has the logo of the brand, the St George`s cross which was the emblem of Genova. The king of England paid the king of Genova for using the emblem in order to protect his fleet.

Every Blue de Gênes jeans has his history on the inside of the pocket, of the jeans with the design croquis, number of the item, name of the worker that sew it for your comfort and pleasure.

Blue de Gênes designers has concealed the rivets on the backpockets just like the Cowboys who did not want to serate their fine horse saddles. Each rivets has the brand name on the inside.

Showing their concern about quality” Blue de Gênes ” has hand made brochure, so each brchure as a unik appearance.

See this pictures:



As I mentioned before Blue de Gênes has a wide range of  nice products, so please follow my next chapter on

I hope you enjoyed chapter one !


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