Clothing tips: what to be aware of when you`re choosing your outfit..


 photo source: Assouline

When wearing an all black outfit, mix up fabric textures if you want to look like you`re not wearing a uniform. Doing that, will give credit that you`ve been working on it.

Wearing designer labels does not always make a stylish statement, break it up with your own touch.

Select colours that compliment, flatter and fit your features, the colour of your eyes, skin and hair has to be considered.

Think about the planet, Don’t hold on to your clothes that doesn`t fit you any longer. It might be the lucky piece of clothe for other people. Either give awyay, sell it to a second hand store or similar, or to an aid organization.

Use colours to lift up your outfit.

Look around you in the street, fashion magazines, fashion websites, store windows, fashion books or TV shows to get inspired.

Black and white evening wear is classic and works for everyone.

Use colours that gives a contrast to your own colours.

If you are quite slim, thick stripes either horizontals or verticals to widden your body.

Single-breasted suit jackets looks generally best on every shape but do not generalize this rule.

Do not have  a lot of things in your pockets, your clothes will last longer and will not miss their shapes, if you must have a lot of things with you, use a bag. It`s now very trendy for men and there is a lot of choice out there.

Well, I wish you good clothing luck and I hope you`ve got inspired by those tips

Photo source: Assouline


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