If you choose a shirt for your outfit, be aware of…



At work do not wear oversized shirts, it looks sloppy, find out which cuts is fitting to your body.

If you are not wearing a tie or a bow-tie with your shirt, leave the top 2- 3 buttons up, it will give you a nicer neckline. Another idea is to wear a scarf.

Large collars shorten necks.

Button down shirt collars look better without ties.

A must in your wardrobe is classic white shirt, it works with everything, it`s a multitasker and will always look sharp.

If your face feature is long, wear shirts with a spread collar, button-down collar or a tab collar, it will fit you best.

If your face feature is square, shirts with a button-down collar or a rounded-point collar will fit you best.

If your face feature is oval , choose, avoid shirts with round collar.

The sleeve of your shirt should be a bit longer than your jacket,

If you have a long neck, wear shirt with high collar fit.

Have the top 2-3 buttoms up if you have a short neck as long as the purpose to wear a shirt allows it.

Remember to choose colored shirts according to the colour of your skin, eyes and hair.

Get inspired,  look at the different collar`s shapes

 classic collar

 straight collar

 collar button down

 collar medium spread

 pinned collar

Photos source: menswearmensrealstyle

 round collar shirt

Photo source: Terrence Sambowrites


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