Trousers: some things to be aware of ….

Some tips when you buy trousers

Don’t fill up your pockets, it will ruin the shape of trousers, stash your personal belonging in a bag.

Strong colored trousers will look better with a patterned jacket.

Beige chinos looks well with all sportswear.

A tip:  Trousers  needs to break slightly over the instep of the shoe.

Trousers without turn-ups should be slightly longer on the backside.

If you have overweighted features, wear high rise waist trousers, it will seems that you`ve longer legs.

Dark colours and vertical stripes trousers might give you a slimer look.

If you are short, you should opt for trousers lenght with a slight break leg over the shoe.

Trousers without cuffs make legs appear longer.

Trousers with cuffs visually shorten your legs.

For you have tall and thin features, avoid trousers that shows any ankle.

If you have overweigheted features, opt for straighter-legged trousers and choose darker colours.



I hope you have learn something new.


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