Event: Yesterday in Oslo, The grand opening 2012 of the Høyer Eger store

About Høyer group:

HØYER was founded by Mr Ørnulf Høyer in 2003. Mr Ørnulf Høyer has built out the brand SAND in Norway and today he has a hudge success suksess with brands like ” By Malene Birger “, SAND, NN07 og DAY. In Mai 2005, he opened his first Høyer store in Sjølyst on the west side of Oslo and in 2011 Høyer group counted 11 stores ,  4 of these are franchised. The Høyer group includes stores, wholesale og retail. In the wholesale business, the Høyer group have agencies for some of the most popular brands in the clothing market  For the retail business the group have some of the leading brands in alliance with some of the best scandinavian distributors. please see bellow a picture of  Mr Ornulf Høyer with the Major of Oslo, Norway Mr Fabian Stang.

On the left side Mr Ornulf Høyer, and on the right side Mr Fabian Stang, the Major of the capital of Norway, Oslo

About the event yesterday evening: The grand opening of Høyer store at Eger Torget,  downtown Oslo, Norway. Actually the store has been opened for a while, being a success Mr Ornulf Høyer went a step further and decided to extend further the store, now counting 3.300 square meters with leading designers brands, offering quality products within Womens wear, menswear, shoes, bags, jewelry, skin care, make-up,  perfumes, even a Coffee shop and a very good Vietnameese  restaurant ” Xich Lô “. This restaurant served the food during the event, very good food indeed. The guest could also enjoy fruit baskets placed all around the store area, Champagne, drinks,  soft drinks and of course music , red carpet, models was also part of the event. We got an excellent presentation of the new concept and store area By Mr Ornulf Høyer while the marketing director of “HØYER EGER” Ms Marianne Nygård -Hansen secured a pleasant evening for all the invited guests. The stores retails brands like:

 Stella McCartney, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent,J.Lindebrg Diane Von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant, Missoni, Tory Burch, By Malène Birger, Day, Pepe`s jeans, Oskar Jakobson, Blue de Gênes, Sand, Marc Jacobs, Sandberg Jewelry to name some of the Brands.

Following  some pictures for you guys:

 Rolling out the red carpet before the event started






 Sandberg designer, >a ring of the last collection



Adamsfile thanks Mr Ornulf Høyer, Ms Marianne Nygård-Hansen and all the stuff that contributed to give all the guests including myself, a nice evening.

If you live in Oslo or are visiting Oslo, take a trip to Høyer Eger, It`s worth it.

go to: www.egerkarljohan.no/


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