About Norwegian Rain and some good bites from their AW 2012 / 2013 for men

About the founding of the brand:

Two creative men, two different bakground, hard working, passion for their work, very much concerned about design and quality, these combinations brought two awards for the Norwegian fashion house NORWEGIAN RAIN last year during the Oslo Fashion Week, giving to the world a new and innovative approach to rainwears and also those awards .

Winners of “Award for Design Excellence 2012” Norway
“Designer of the Year 2012” Naaloyet 2012 – Norway 
“Vogue Talents” Vogue Italia Sep 2010
“Talented Newcomer 2010” Vogue Italia & WHITE (March)

As I wrote earlier, ” Bringing rainwear to the next level and by all means to the “Catwalk” level. Purchasing  raincoat from the brand, you will get quality, design, efficient protection against rain and rough cold  weather, please see the next picture and read more…

And now I will present you some of their AW 2012 / 2013, a very diversified and exciting collection,

Double breasted mixed black

Double breasted  grey Herringbone with belt


Noir man grey flanel                                             raincho-mixed-black-back-w-belt

Raincho sideways mixed black

It`s all about design, judge yourself !

fashion, design, rainwear


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