Intro post: If I talk about men`s clothing and I say Tommy, well I guess guys that you know who am I talking about?

but in case you don`t, I am talking about TOMMY HILFIGER, click on this link to learn more about him. A few words from me anyway. TOMMY HILFIGER corporation was founded in 1984 with the support of the MURJANI GROUP. at that time the fashion designer started with a men`s clothing collection and since that time, the brand includes

TOMMY HILFIGER, women clothing and TOMMY HILFIGER, children clothing. Today, the fashion house is a billion business. That`s saying enough about the popularity of the brand.

Here a picture of the man, the co- founder and designer:


Living in OSLO, NORWAY, actually the capital of Norway for those of you that may not know, I took a trip to the flaggstore in Norway, located in the center of Oslo more precisely at the HØYER EGER store. I will in my next post present some of the brand`s products to be found in the Norwegian flaggstore.


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