Today, my post won`t be about clothes but still about fashion, designs and designers, I was at an event

More precisely in Oslo on the westside of the town in a area called Briskeby. Yesterday SUGAR SHOP, well it`s not about candy but a tiny shop with an atelier selling Norwegian designs jewelries and where you can watch the designers creating their unique pieces for you guys and for your loved ones. As Norway is a small country, you can imagine that the Norwegian designers have a particular passion for their work, it`s about lifestyle.

 Elisabeth wearing one of her creations

The owner and host of SUGAR SHOP event ELISABETH L.DUE has dedicated her life for her passion, she is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur. She has this great ambition to promote Norwegian jewelry design and Norwegian jewelry designers to the world. She does it with a spirit that really impresses me. It`s all about engagement and as we know, engagement is a key to succeed in life.


That`s what you meet at the cashier desk, in perfect relation with the name of the shop, ” Would you like a candy”

About the event:

The guest was invited to look at the jewels and make inquireries.

A nice buffet was set up in the atelier, bubbles, biers, soft drink, wine, where also part of the event.

CECILIE HVEDING, Norwegian jewelry designer was a special guest for the event, she had an engaging, humorous and amazing presentation of her work, her history, actually a genuine picture of being a designer / an artist.

And of course, the crowd had a perfect occasion to buy some of these unique pieces.

Please look at the following pictures:




A new brand of bags MIN was also presented, aee those bags, may be something for her.



Adamsfile thanks the sugar shop team for this very nice event.

Get inpired for your next presents and why not to yourself……


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