This brand has created an infusion of history, authenticity, fashion, passion and quality

I have been writing about the brand history, their jeans and now I will write about

Shirts are inspired by old worker shirts. Shirts have the characteristic Blue de Gênes branded real Corozo hard nut buttons. The shirts are made in natural materials using cotton, hemp, linen and wool. Some fabrics are made on old selfedge looms and feature the characteristic red selfedge line. Most fabrics are from Italy and Japan.


Blue de Gênes uses an old knitting mill, which is placed, in a hillside in the mountains outside of Firenze. This mill has one of the oldest VAT numbers in Italy and, like most other Italian companies, is a family company since generations. The yarns used here is a fine wool-blend fiber and an ecological recycled cotton yarn.
Blue de Gênes knit sweaters are made to look like an average working-class man’sworn-out sweater would look some hundreds years ago.


Blue de Gênes T-shirts embodies in pictures the ideas of the brand. Motives of Genova city and the persons who shaped the history of Genova.


BLUE DE GÊNES is a casual lay back clothing style with a details and quality.


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