Two artists, one is a fashion icon, the other one is a music icon but they have a similarity

 the one and only KARL LAGERFELD 


  TIM SCOTT( Link from ALL*ACCESS )  is a rocked version of Karl Lagerfeld  MAGAZINE , The vokalist and guitarist from LEDFOOT , this  band is wellknown for its  GOTHIC-BLUES MUSIC.

I was yesterday evening invited to two events, one  for a POP UP for the brands MARDOU & DEAN and HELENE WESTBYE  in PALEET  organized by GAMBIT, Oslo and the other one was at the Norwegian shoemaker DAGESTAD for the presentation of the collection from the Norwegian designer INGUNN BIRKELAND. On my way home, I went to take a drink in a bar where I got the chance to meet Tim Scott. I do hope one day to also meet my favorite designer Karl Lagerfeld.

so , what kind of main similarity I am thinking that  those two men have?

Well, I mean the ICONIC STYLE,

Both are grown up men, both have the attitude, both have a  creative min, both  have an artistic mind, both have a great sense yo dress up themself, both dare to be themself. I love people that challenge themself and are inspiring people around them, giving a very important message to people and that`s to dare to be yourself. The first thing  you need to reach that point is to like yourself and then you might get the ICONIC STYLE.

Let yourself be yourself and get inspired guys!

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