Sunday goodies: a french frog talking about Norwegian frog design jewellery

Yesterday afternoon, I was invited to a jewellery event at SUGAR SHOP  jewellery studio  in OSLO, NORWAY.

ELISABETH L. DUE is  the owner but  she is  also jewellery designer, Her dream by founding  SUGAR SHOP jewellery studio is to help and promote  Norwegian jewellery DESIGNERS and NORWEGIAN DESIGN.

SUGAR SHOP invite every month Norwegian jewellery designers to present themself and their collections. Yesterday, the event  was about the jewellery designer TONE GYRID NILSEN, back the brand ” one of a kind ” because she believes that jewels should be unique. She gets inspired through  the nature, either going jogging, skiing, walking in the mountains or in the woods and sometimes being in her own garden. she is particularly inspired by ornaments and forms from culture heritage but also animals.Tone was gratuated in 2001 nfd founded the brand ” one of a kind ” in 2006. I have also to mentioned that all displays have been created by herself

Her last collection was about frogs

 Most of you guys that the English calls the French people ” froggies ” by humor, That`s what explain the title of this post and being French and cool, what`s more evident to present you this ” FROG ” collection and I must say that I love sauted frog legs with garlic and parsley.

Here is som pictures of the collection:








and from her collection ” Pimp a cow ”


 The bracelet inside is hand woven and the motives are from TELEMARK, NORWAY , culture and handcrafts heritage from this area 

Adamsfiles thanks Elisabeth, Tone and all her staff that helped to give all the crowd an enjoyable event.

Thanks also for good food , bubles and god refreshments..

As it was quite cold in Oslo yesterday, I had also to take take care of the golden frog and put a scarf around her neck 


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