Abolition = evolution, read and see what I experienced at Rue de Rivoli last saturday

I feel quite lucky with the weather I have had in France, I got just one day with rain and that was on saturday, a part from this day it was very warm for the season. When I arrived in front of  HOTEL du LOUVREthe place I was going to for a presentation of the hotel as a target place to stay when people come to visit Paris. There was a demonstration against bullfighting , better known as CORRIDA. A crual sport that so many people loves to watch but happily there are a lot of people out there that are for the abolition of this crual sport. I am one of them and I want through this post express my anxiety and my view about it. My main message to you guys is to support those of you guys that want to ban the CORRIDAS. Actually this grey , rainy and sad weather was more than wellcome to express the sadness of this cause.

Here is some pictures:



 Help to keep the bulls alive, stop this crimes, Check the following website: http://www.anticorrida.com/QPC-le-combat-continue.h


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