For those of you guys that needs a place for a seminar or knows somebody that needs it, this is an amazing destination to choose….

I am talking about Les Fontaines property located in Chantilly about 40 minutes from Paris, France,  a wellknown town for its castle and horse races. On the country side of Paris, France and in the middle of a large wood area, les Fontaines castle is a perfect place to create tailor made and unforgatable get together event for seminars, general assemblies, congresses, conventions or sessions of the Cap gemini university. The property was earlier owned by the Rothschild family and now owned By Cap gemini group  

The backside of Les Fontaines castle

The frontside, the castle first and secand floors are the locations where you get all kinds of catering activities.

The forum offers small and large conference rooms with flexibable solutions and a modern auditorium with all multimedia solutions. in this building area you have a Café and food & beverage counters. Large areas where you can organize a get together party, etc.. in a modern environment.

One of the seven modern villas that have in total 300 rooms, all with high modern standard.



This place offers a training room, sauna, haman bath and a large swimming pool and more…


They have even on the outside some suggestions to take fresh air, enjoy the nature by going or jogging in the woods

Inside the Castle where you can enjoy excellent food and drinks in gorgeous atmosphere, see the following pictures:






 The board room

   Those 3 last pictutures are from the entrance of the Castle

 Terrace and parc outside the castle

Les fontaines have 300 rooms, an auditorium with 450 seets, an underground parking: 300 cars, two tennis court and even a football field. A further small but important detail that I loved is that they have disposals wth umbrellas in case it is a rainy weather during your stay at the property. That `s service !

I got the priviledge to get this round tour with Mr Dominique Biebuyck, the international sales development & large accounts director, A charming and great ambassador of Les fontaines.

And a very important plus: You get a zero carbon event , Les fontaines are using geo- thermal energy and are eco-friendly in the all chain of great services and have been awarded for that.

Les Fontaines is a perfect place to organize your event in a luxurious evironment with tailor- made solutions,  eco- friendly commitments and an excellent Value for money.

Please, do not hesitate to e-mail me and I will get you the right contacts for your events.

My e-mail is:

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