Sunday`s goodies: finding nice pieces on Pinterest, amazing coincidence or ?

 CHANEL shoes was the only one of  the six goodies that wasn`t picked up from Tangerine doll.

From six goodies I picked up, four of them was things that TANGERINE DOLL had picked up. This Canadian woman from Montreal has definetly a great sense for esthetique, design and men`s fashion.

I picked also those for you:

 a bowtie with two possible life  from the Bow Tie Collection by NICHOLAS TEE RUIZ when you get bored wearing it you can still use it if you have a guitare on your guitare strings and make colorfull music 🙂

The rocked style bow tie, trendy and cool

a new approach  of a military / uniform  jacket for FW2012 /13

Nice designed jacket from JEDIDIAH, A humanitary inspired fashion brand ” made for good”

Geometric Deer Brooch Neon ‘Stag Head’

Design, design, design, design, design and more design made for you guys, don`t be afraid to look different, that`s what make you special.

Get inspired from people`s inspiration !



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