The extreme creations from Paris Fashion Week with shellfish on the menu

The title of this post will sugggest you to think about seafood and French cuisine, well not exaactly, even though the French cuisine has a good reputation around the world and as we all know France have many great chefs and have had also in the past like ESCOFFIER, BRILLAT SAVARIN, I will not write or add pictures of french cuisine specialities but instead write and adD pictures about fashion and the extreme creations that appeared on the catwalk for men fashion during the Paris Fashion Week like those following creations:




Even though it`s not shellfish products, the designers have created menswear reminding it through their designs , lines, structures, features and prints ” SHELLFISH ” clothing  inspired by lobster, shrimps sea snails to mentioned some. You will say it takes a man to go out in town with those but why not actually?. This is pieces of art, this is unique pieces that will make you unique. The designers that create these clothes must have had fun and great tailoring challenges. When you look at these pictures you are just amazed and I also think that fashion should be more recognized as an ART form when you look at these designs, there is at least a long way to go here in NORWAY. I admire and love those people that dare the extreme.

 Pictures source: TUXBOARD .COM


Bon appetit, enjoy and get inspired !


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