Black and white for a : ” French visit ” at B&M Briskeby, Oslo Norway on saturday


B&M is an abreviation for BØLGEN & MOI. It is a restaurant company from Norway that has a few restaurant in OSLO, NORWAY, but also in many other town in Norway. They had even some years ago a restaurant in HUDSON near NEW YORK, USA.

On saturday, this restaurant have what they call ” CHAMPAGNE LUNCH ” with good bargain on Champagne and DJ`s playing good music and of course you can enjoy good food in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

My outfit:

The black velvet jacket: Yves Saint Laurent vintage

The white shirt: Matinique

The black velvet bow-tie: Yves Saint Laurent vintage

The washed jeans: H&M trend, One of my favorite jeans, looking like leather pants

The black shoes: H&M basic

The skull pendant: Werner Hilberink. Unfortunatly, Werner died some weeks ago. He was also a wellknown DJ



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