My new jacket has a scary story

I found this jacket in Jenny`s shop, a vintage store called FLØYEL & KANARI located on the westside of Oslo, Norway, nearby a cinema called “GIMLE KINO

I fell in love with the jacket, when I tried it, it was like a tailor made jacket designed for me. Beside that the jacket has a very trendy design and the quality is on the premium side. So you will ask yourself, why I have this tittle, well I am going to tell you the story.


The jacket was bought shipped from New York, USA. and what`s scary about it? The jacket was owned by a ” P.I.” , personal investigator and while he was on duty he got attacked and now you`ll see the proof on the inside of the jacket, just take a look. The first picture shows the stripe where he had his gun hanging into the pocket and the second one shows a blood spot from when he was attacked, scary, you may think it`s strange that I want to wear this jacket but for me it`s a nice jacket with a scary story. Today the jacket has got a second life and I would think that the owner would may be have appreciate it. When on top of that, you`re thinking about our planet earth, it gives this a real meaning, don`t you think? I let you judge my thoughts.



One response to “My new jacket has a scary story

  1. In my store you might find a lot of destinies. Any piece of cloth once being worn, has a history; some of them a touch of class, a lucky period, a sad love story, the last dance. Why not give them all a new life?
    A new period in life where the moment once weared it might be the first day of the rest of your life.
    Good luck in a fantastic goodlookingoutfit, Alain.

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