Presenting the candy world of the Norwegian female designer iNNGUNN BIRKELAND

Some weeks ago, I went to an event in Oslo, located in an area of Oslo called HOMANSBYEN in Josephines gate 2,  in the shop of a wellknown  shoemaker  in OSLO, Norway, ASBJØRN DAGESTAD.

 Ingunn and myself talking during the event some weeks ago

Ingunn Birkeland and Asbjørn Dagestad has a shop in shop agreement. Both are perfectionnists and  have created together a perfect harmony for our eyes.  Ingunn Birkeland is a  hard working, creative, perfectionnist and very enthusiastic young  designer but I got the privilege today to meet her for a chat and take some pictures of her creations.  Ingunn Birkeland started her designer career by designing  jeans and women dresses and now she has created a  unique,  colorful collection with satin ribbons called IBO, her brand name,  including women`s wear, shoes and accessories for men and women and also pictures, The first pieces was introduced earlier this year during an event at GALLERI FORMAT, in Oslo, Norway, please see the pictures:


During our chat, I asked iNGUNN BIRKELAND what was her source of inspiration, and she quickly answered nature materials and colors. Many artists and designers gets inspiration by going in the nature or from elements around them but Ingunn has a continuous flow of ideas when she gets materials in her hands, sometimes it`s so much that she is wondering where to start. Actually she rushed to show me a picture of her new colors of satin Ribbons she just got that will be one of  her next moves. But all this, has not been easy, like most artists, it has been long days, ups and downs and a struggled financial situation. World leaders and politicians are still not doing enough to help artists and entrepreneurs to achieve  their goals but if you think, how the world would be and would look like without those creative minds? I think it`s really time to do something to help those people. They create esthetique around us and for us, they gives us dreams, they make things that gives us the opportunity to reflect on and all those things are important for a human being and these things have a price. Well, I will stop there for now, i am getting too political:-)  You still may wonder why I have choosen this tittel. this is because when I see the colors and designs of her products, It makes me think about candies. Look at those:






 soon you will see more of this 

 And through her dream and visions, we may see Paris, New York and why not the world of iNGUNN BIRKELAND and have you noticed her logo, her first name is with the little “i” , yes she is very modest about herself.


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