From the greek ancient time to modernism, a fusion between history and fashion, that`s what inspires RUDY WOLFF to create her own interpretation in fashion designs

Meet RUDY WOLFF;    Avant- garde is a key word in her creations.

RUDY WOLFF is an autodidact in sewing, a creative woman with a lot of energy, a lot of patience, and dedication living her dreams in full harmony with her passion for fashion by creating unique pieces for both women and men. She has a degree in History and is a stylist graduated with honors.

She was one of the nominees at the Oslo Fashion Awards 2011. So far her extraordinary work  has been shown  in places such as New Delhi, India, New York city, Washington D.C  and also got third place in a contest in  fashion capital Paris.

I got a private invitation to her home, on the western side of Oslo called Majorstua, to see her creations. What an amazing experience, I should say, because I could clearly see her strong dedication and passion for what she does. Check out the following pictures, they speak for themselves:

:   This piece, as an example,  took her 300 hours to complete.


  And here is some more candy for your eyes…


 Design details to illustrate RUDY WOLFF `S meticulous work





  I had the privilege to try on this original piece from 1870 she purchased in Paris

  …and her flat has those kind of inspiring details

As most of you know, financial struggles are the most common challenge of many talented artists, her primary goal is to take her work to places like New York, Paris, and many more for the world to see. Let`s support her by sharing this with others!


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