A visit at shoe maker master ASBJORN DAGESTAD, it feels like going back to the past and the genuine

We are in HOMANSBYEN, westside of OSLO, NORWAY, That`s where SHOE MAKER MASTER DAGESTAD has his shop. The windows are  full of ” candy shoes, on one side is men`s the glass shelves are filled up with leather belts, socks, Men shoes, mostly Italian hand made shoes and on the other side, the ” candy shoes ` of  iNGUNN BIRKELAND, all nicely displayed just like  in a candy shop


Women shoes from  iNGUNN BIRKELAND



Side by side, they represent quality, the art of handcrafts, esthetic designs, good service and perfectionism.

It`s not a coincidece that Mr DAGESTAD have choosen to colaborate with the designer iNGUNN BIRKELAND.

This charming, service minded  shoe maker is a perfectionist in his work, he is passionate and meticulous when he

repairs shoes and bags and when he chooses the products for his shop. As he says, my work,  my shop, nice products,

nice people are the ingredients of my passion. On his website, he invites people to see his products, gives them good

advice with a good and charming smile and if they care for a cup of coffee with cookies, they are more than welcome. He is

so popular that even the pop artist MADONNA asked him for help with her footwear during her stay in Oslo.

When I got into the shop I was happy to get a warm welcome and to feel the enthusiasm shoe maker Dagestad gave me

and I got nostalgic, thinking that you can still find some people that are passionate by good old handcraft. We have to

support those people because in our society, they are so few. Our world of capitalism and our  ” use and throw away” mentality

are leading to the disappearance of  good old handcraft, it`s sad, really sad. Today shoe maker DAGESTAD doesn`t make any shoes longer but repairs them.

I took those pictures too for you guys…


    ENZO BONEFÉ shoes


Shoes for men , shoes for women and shoe care products

  N.B: the shoes are not from iNGUNN BIRKELAND

and cute shoes for the kidss



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