My boot shopping ended up with those…..

  Black leather boots from T. MICHAEL 

Norwegian clothing designer T Michael is based in Bergen, and branches in Oslo and Germany. Ghanaian born Bespoke tailor T Michael creates suits, shirts, coats, dresses, knit tops, all in ready to wear and made to measure market and  of course shoes as my post is about. T. MICHAEL and his partner ALEXANDER HELLE  founded the innovative Norwegian brand ” NORWEGIAN RAIN”. As I have been writing in several previous posts NORWEGIAN RAIN, has brought rain wear designs for women and men to the next level, the “CATWALK LEVEL”. 
The brand has already got several awards and recently they got the third place  under  the Creative Business Cup  Global Award Show in COPENHAGEN, Denmark,  where brands and designers from 19 other countries were competing.
The award was based on the quality of the designs, innovation and eco friendly solutions. This is a quite significant award; Congratulations to Mike and Alex, well deserved.
T.MICHAEL is very concerned about design, choice of materials, quality and good handcraft.
Those boots are made with the best quality of French calf leather and are polished with Bee wax.Bee wax is nourishing the leather and gives after use soft leather and a nice patina., look at those pictures.  

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