Fashion is passion as I have been writing before, the way you dress up is your the first signal to the world around you…

but you need first to build up one of the most important things as a human being to meet that world,  It`s self confidence

It`s a single word, it`s easy  to say but not easy to get and you need it everywhere you go and in anything you do. Many people are looking up to others outfit and style but  don`t dare them self to cross the line when they are buying clothes, that`s why many chooses what I call a “safe style” when they dress up to meet the world outside. When I write ” safe style ” , I mean that many of you guys look at the clothing store windows, suggestions in the store,  ask  for help and read fashion magazines or Fashion websites. Well it`s nothing wrong about that but is it the real ” you ” or are you a product of our society and other peoples judgement and choices. The fashion world offers today a lot of choices and designs that you admire on others but you feel that you can`t go with these clothes or these shoes but it`s often not right because you`re having a lack of confidence. Today I found this interesting article on FASHIONBEANS.COM, written by WILL COLMAN read it,  reflect on this and get self confidence, that `s may be what you need most in life…

Confidence is one of life’s little essentials – except that it isn’t that little and it is one of the most important things any self respecting man must master. Confidence can mean the difference between you and that job, between you and that girl, between you and that skydive, between you and pretty much anything. Confidence, it appears, exists only to get in the way.

Confidence is bloody irritating, but if you don’t want to turn into a dribbling lunatic the moment someone asks you to do a presentation in front of your peers, it is also something you need.

Life just wouldn’t work if we didn’t all have a bit of confidence. It takes confidence to step out of your house in the morning; it takes confidence to cross the road; it takes confidence to trust yourself enough to not do something embarrassing during your working day. It takes confidence to do just about everything.

Building your confidence is a life long task. It doesn’t happen over night, but there are many ways you can increase it – as Matt Allison discussed in his art of confidence article.

Building Confidence

Building your personal confidence will make a huge difference to your personality, your maturity and the way you think.

I have always found doing new things to be a huge confidence booster. Moving away from home has made me mature, kickboxing has given me body confidence and pushing myself into doing things that are outside of my comfort zone has, as clichéd as it sounds, made me believe in my own ability.

Unless you are very lucky, confidence has to be earned, it won’t just fall in your lap. But confidence is about so much more than just your belief in yourself. FashionBeans is centered around style and fashion (in case you hadn’t noticed), so we talk a lot about having confidence in your image and wearing what you are comfortable in.

It cannot be underestimated just how much of an impact confidence in your clothes will have on your prospects, your personality and the way the world perceives you. Knowing you look good will change the way you walk, your posture, your face and the impact that just a glance can have.

As a society we are very insular, we don’t want to stand out or set an example, we like to blend in and hope that something good will happen to us eventually. We are too scared to go looking for what we deserve and what we want. Building your confidence will help you move forward, it will help you get what you want.

Have Confidence in Your Clothes

Being happy with your image isn’t restrictive – it applies to everyone, young or old, thick or thin. Creating confidence in your clothes isn’t a set formula, it is individual, just as every person on this earth is an individual. It is a continuous process and it never, ever stops. Whether you are new to the style game or a self professed old hand, there will always be something you want to change or something you need just that little bit more confidence to wear.

I don’t think it’s ever possible to be completely happy with your style. You can be pleased with it, but never wholly satisfied. I, for example, like where my style is going; I believe I’ve worked out a good system; I know what I want to buy; I know I’m not going to waste money on things I don’t need or won’t wear; and most of all, I know it suits me.

However, there is always a part of me that wants something different – something internally which tells me to try this or try that, start wearing this or ‘why don’t you get that’?

Whether we can ever be truly happy with our style doesn’t mean we should not have confidence in it. As long as you know that you look good, that your clothes work well and that you are comfortable in them, everything is OK. Style development can bubble away undisturbed underneath because you achieved what so many others haven’t –you like the way you dress.

Choosing your Style with Confidence

What Kind Of Style Do You Want To Develop?


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