My new winter coat for the Samsung TV event at Baroque night club in Oslo Norway

SAMSUNG 1The event was about the launch of the new:

3D smart LED-TV ES 9005 from SAMSUNG . An amazing  design TV with a picture quality, you just feel that you are at the place you are actually watching. Please check the link for the details of this TV ON and check   SAMSUNG products, A TV Christmas present idea for you guys?

002 My check-in picture outside BAROQUE nightclub

My new winter coat is a Suede coat from MICHEL MORELLI, I bought it in PARIS , FRANCE, just perfect for the cold winter months in NORWAY. It`s in lamb leather and the inside is lamb fur with  large collar and a classy design, I match it with my red Alpaca woolen scarf designed ELIN NORDAL , the tailor assistant of T.MICHAEL, one of the two founder of the Norwegian brand NORWEGIAN RAIN , Why not a Fashion Christmas present ?

.067 087


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