Sunday goodie: Being a man, you get it by nature but to be a gentleman you have learn some rules


fashion gives you the look  but there are some rules you `ve got to learn too, I know there is  a lot more rules to learn but those are the essentials to be a gentleman.  Some of you guys  learn quicker than others , some of you guys learn those rules but forget them in your daily activities, this is just a reminder.

By being a gentleman, you will get respect from others and you give respect to others and being respectful and respected is one of the major keys in life whether you are at work, home or out in the big room. It`s just feels so well to be a gentleman and It gives you credit from people around you.

Being open minded and aware of the world around you shows you have class and do not be pretentious by being modest but either show off about what you can.

Learn those essentials and be a gentleman !

gent 1 gentlemen portraits from the past gent 2

and in our modern world but remember it`s not only about clothing and look.

gent 4  pictures source: the, the,

guyot intro GENTLEMAN5 The last picture is from t.michael,blogpost

and click on :



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