Christmas gifts, here is a suggestion for Her and Him

It`s very easy to buy something to give to your loved one for Christmas but it`s also very difficult, cause today in our consume society many of you guys have all you need and may be more than that too ?. That`s why it makes it so difficult but I found these that many of you do not have in your wardrobe. It`s important, it`s a gift to your loved one and for her shoes and his shoes, Take a look:

002 005  From LOAKE shoemaker

007 Cordonnier anglais ( english shomaker )

008 Tree blocks without varnish is the best ones

010 I found those practical sets at shoemaker DAGESTAD /  designer iNGUNN BIRKELAND shop in OSLO, NORWAY for those of you followers that live in Oslo and I am sure you guys abroad can find those kind of things in your home town or order these shoe care kits on INTERNET

Remember, taking care of your shoes is showing who you are, your shoes will last longer and it saves our planet.

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