Paintings sculptures and Costumes in boxes for X-MAS….

gallery Albin up The outside of GALLERY ALBIN UPP 083  082 

I was at  GALLERY ALBIN UPP   for their yearly Christmas exhibition at BRISKEBY in OSLO, NORWAY,  where a few Norwegian artists are  exhibiting,  There may be some good ideas for a Christmas gift. For those of you who  live in Oslo or are visiting the town these days, I will suggest you to take a visit at the GALLERY.

In connection with this place, there is an ART CAFÉ where you can have good food, hot and cold beverages and get the feeling to be back in the 18 century.

albin art cafe

And for those of you who live abroad, there are a lot of galleries around where you can buy art pieces as a Christmas gift or if you are interested in a piece from the exhibition, the gallery staff will surely help you out to ship it to your country.  Buying ART for Christmas is always a good idea.  that you can enjoy everyday at home, it`s  a present that last, it`s often a good investment,  it brings design and art to your home.

On january 12th, they will open a new Gallery on the eastside of Oslo, Gallery Vulkan


Here is some nice pieces I took pictures of:

003 From  Trine Folmoe

006 Penniies from Heaven from Marius Hauge


011 From Jorgen Holen


066 067

029 THE animals sculptures  from Janicke Ebbing

031 Flue i luften from Jonas Ignell

059 The gallion picture is from Janicke Ebbing

021 025

Blyanttegning på acryl from David Sture                                                                    Landkjenning from David Sture

035  Fenomener  from Christina Lervik

Those boxes are made by Janicke Ebbing

087 089

090 091

055  Hode II  from Marius Hauge

There are a lot more paintings , statues and Norwegian artists work of art there, Don`t forget to look at the pictures below and you will find out for yourself,  please check also the website:

077  090


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