I A.P.O.L.O.G.I.Z.E and wish you folks a merry Christmas…

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It has gone many days since I  post on my blog and I am really sorry but I want to explain why.  Unfortunately I got first a cold and then as I will not spend Christmas with my dear daughters that I love from all my heart.

juju 2 Julie, my youngest daughter


LINN MY DAUGHTER Linn my oldest daughter that actually got engaged with her boyfriend Trond on December 1 st, I am a very happy and proud father.

A picture of my two daughters: julie og linn

I went to Kristiansand, for some days to visit them and celebrate Christmas as I won`t have the joy to be with them on Chistmas day. Kristiansand is a town in the south of Norway, about 320 kilometers from Oslo where I have been living for eight years.

As I love fashion, I have to apologize with these Tees:

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and I hope you will accept my apologies and will follow my blog in the future

I wish you all with this talking T-Shirts a very peaceful M.E.R.R.Y  C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S in a fashionable way with the following pictures:

vintage christmas 3 vintage christmas2

fashion christmas1 008 008



015  004  I wish you get many soft and hard gifts

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but do not forget to send some good thoughts to all the poor,  sick people, people living in a country with war and suffer.

And the purpose of Christmas…


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