My christmas goodies, I just feel so lucky to have such nice daughters and friends…


My dear daughters bought me this black leather design bag from PICARD, nice quality bag with a lot of details



My dear friends 1 a gift box from Yves Saint Laurent, with Eau de Toilette natural spray, after shave balm, and al-over shower gel, oh dear,It smells so goooooood



023 026

My dear friends 2, a gift box from Ralph Lauren with Eau de Toilette natural spray and alcohol-free deodorant019


My dear friends 3, a grey and black scarf from A&C with reptile print


My dear friends 4, sunglasses from Tom Ford, love them



My dear friends 5, a beige dark brown Louis Vuitton scarf with the well known signature of Louis Vuitton in pure wool, soft like a lamb and so good to wear, it`s getting cold out there.


My dear friends 6, a coffee machine Nespresso Lattisima plus from Délonghi, I loooooove coffee and this one make really good coffee, Espresso, Capuccino, Latte, Café au lait, Café mocca…


All those nice things makes a happy man even more happy smiley glad






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