Happy new year 2013 in the name of F.A.S.H.I.O.N, Let 2013 be the O.N.E…

fashion new year

When the clock was 00.00.00 on New Year`s Eve, the world was going into the year of 2013 and for me it was a 6 months anniversary for my blog ADAMSFILE(S). Talking about my blog, I want to thank all of you guys that followed my blog in 2012 either through my WordPress site,  my Facebook site, on twitter or Lifestyle Norway blogs links. So, please if you like my blog, give me your support by being my followers, by clicking “like” in the posts you like and the same on all the sites my blog is represented. I’d also appreciate constructive comments when ever you feel like it, I am and will be very thankful for that kind of help or feedback. Blogging  is all new  to me after working in the shipping business in over 30 years, which was a very different world in many different ways, with different days, different people. It might be difficult for some to understand why I did  change my life so drastically and believe me, definitely not an easy thing for me either,  but it`s all about following a dream and my passion for fashion. Many of you might think I am crazy, and that well may be true in a way, but I feel it is important to make dreams come true. Changes can make you  a happier person and you always learn something new through different experiences, it can bring you  new skills and makes you stronger, so why not let 2013 be the O.N.E, the year of a new beginning and new challenges, this is my strong wish to you all my friends and followers of my blog .

And, again, Happy New Year 2013 to all of you guys with all my best wishes and good health, the most important of all and  for all of us.


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