Part I: From starting with a men`s wear store in Montreal, Canada in 1959, Le chateau founded by Herschel Segal has become now..

chateau logoPic. source:

a fast growing clothing company and is constantly expanding into new markets


Le Château’s ideology is to translate the latest runway fashions and global trends at lightening speed into must-have looks that clearly coordinate into a continuous flow of new collections, offering new products every month and quickly delivered to an ageless customer crowd by their dynamic sales team.

Founded in 1959 by Herschel Segal, Le Château was the first retailer in Canada to sell fashion’s trendiest looks at affordable prices. What began as a single store on Montréal’s hippest street has grown into a Canadian retail empire of over 200 locations in Canada, the U.S. and the Middle East.

The brand  is creating trendy clothes, footwear and accessories for both Women and men. Back the success of the brand, a team of  in – the- house  team designers makes trendy, colorful, and diversified ready to wear  products with distinct twist.

I was very well welcomed at one of the stores and the staff was keen on showing me their new collection and allowed me to take some great pictures. The high service level in the company stores is also what’s helping to the growing success of the brand. The company has today approximately 3000 employees.

What I like with the brand is the large choice of colors available within shirts, ties, bow-ties you can combine with dresses.

It gives you a  sharp look with a twist between North American and European mix and if you want you can choose among a wide range of accessories to get a rocked style.

Here are some of my favorite picks: Pic source ADAMSFILES

036 040





028 048














there is more pictures to come, make sure you keep following ADAMSFILES so you don`t miss them. Enjoy these ones for now and get inspired in the meantime!


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