Cufflinks with s.e.x appeal, not recommended at work though?…

cuff link 1 pics source:

It might get you in trouble with your boss or some of your colleagues depending of course in which kind of work environment you are working in. These original and creative designed cufflinks are some of the creations of Delfina Delettrez, one of the fourth generation of the Fendi family.

After her academic studies, specialized in costume`s history and after  a period of time at Chanel Haute Couture`s  style department, she deepened her studies jewel design and dedicated herself  to the art of jewelry. In 2007 she presented her first collection. Today, her collections reflects her strong and determined personality and her story , the passions of  her childhood and her adolescence and her current maturity.

I just love her creations, and I believe she must be one of the most creative jewel designer on earth. She creates jewels a huge range of materials and designs mostly for women but some of her creations are unisex. I was presently amazed by these cufflinks look at some of my picks.

cufflinks 2 cufflinks 3 cufflinks 13 cufflinks 4  Cufflinks 8

Delfina creates all kind of designs and jewels, take a look at these cufflinks 9 cufflinks 10

cufflinks 11 cufflinks 12

Not only the cufflinks, but every piece of jewelry she designs are very creative and unique like I’ve never seen before… It’s totally worth checking them out, I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

cufflinks 14 bracelet 1 necklace 1

To see more go to DELFINA DELETTREZ website, don’t miss it!


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