Fashion and human`s health issues created trends to help millions of people around the world, two great examples…

…. Men`s health issues

the Movember trends. During the month of November each year, Movember asks men across the world to grow a moustache with the ground idea of raising vital awareness for men’s health issues. Movember moustaches trend started in Australia in 2003 and since the word of Movember and its men’s health messages have spread around the globe, a great achievement.

Movember trends in pictures:


mustache fashion 2 mustache fashion 1

moustache 3

Pics source GOOGLE. COM and

…..And for the women Breath Cancer issues, the pink ribbon trend

the pink ribbon is the symbol for breast cancer. In October 6th, 1997 American citizen Paul Davidson registered and launched a website directed to and available for all people in the world engaged with breast cancer, The website was dedicated to raising awareness and funding for breast cancer and since the pink ribbon messages have spread around the globe, a another great achievement…..

rosa 3 rosa ribb 1

rosa ribb 2

Remember, any kind of support save life, spread it around you showing that you care….


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