New sunglasses for SS 2013? Round is cool and one of the hits….remembering John Lennon

…last year already, Ralph Lauren had them and my good friend and eyebrow stylist Fred Hamelten bought these last year.
Just so you know,  Fred has designed exclusive and unique eyebrow tweezers in gold or silver and crowned by a premium diamond and in a silver etui. He gifted one of these to the pop star Rihanna last year when she was in Oslo, Norway during her tour.
Fred is so popular, that some women have to wait more than a year to get their eyebrows styled!
Note: If you don’t have that much extra for tweezers, he has also designed some at lower budget prices and they work just as fine! 🙂
Have a look at these “puppies” :


Fred and Tina Hamelten


Myself withFred`s glass

round glasses John Lennon  John Lennon, that was in the 70`s

Look at the one I found on for this year, pretty cool !

round sunglasses Linda FarrowLinda Farrow 

round sunglasses Miu, Miu Miu Miu

round sunglaases top shop  TopShop

round sunglaases Wildfox Belair Wildfox Bel Air

Protect your eyes, use sunscreen…..


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