Cruising in style with CRUISE….

…I went yesterday to a product sales organized by the Norwegian wholesaler group PORTLAND AS, their portfolio is including the brands CRUISE,  Pepe`s jeans, Mistral, Mountain hardwear, 8848 Altitude, Kamik, SVEA, Ipanema, Montrail, Olang.. Simply a world of brands.


well I am not thinking right now to go on a cruise but I want to introduce you a fashionable and trendy bag from the collection CRUISE by ILSE JACOBSEN Hornbæk, A danish brand that was founded in 1993 in Hornbæk which is situated in the North -East, Denmark on the seaside.

I love this high quality bag, with beautiful finish like the color combination, Tangerine, with brown leather details and bronze stripes, You can also get this bag with other color combinations.

Check these pictures..







and now you are ready to go with style……. with your carry on


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