Jewelry and Norwegian fashion event at “Mona Lisa huset”, the new renovated restaurant / bar and nightclub baby of Navaz Virani

… After a good lunch with bubbles in Navaz `s Mona Lisa huset, started the presentation of Goldsmith Heyerdahl and some dresses and a men suit from the collection of the  Norwegian designer Kathrine Nørgård.

Navraz Navaz Virani

Goldsmith Heyerdahl AS was Founded in 1972 by goldsmith  graduate Sten Heyerdahl. The shop was established in Fritjof Nansen Square and later moved to the corner Fritjof Nansen Place / Roald Amundsen street.
Heyerdahl was quickly recognized as one of the leading jewelers in special jewelries, diamonds and pearls, and became quickly known for his brands and expertise in the business.

thomas Heyerdahl og kathrine Nørgård In the middle Thomas Heyerdahl and on the right Kathrine Nørgård
Sten`s son Thomas Heyerdahl joined the company in 1994 and established a branch in Karenslyst allè, Oslo in 1996. He took over as general manager and owner of the company in 2007. Thomas has revitalized the company in the recent years by developing new innovative products.

He also renewed the company’s profile and visual expression. As a result Goldsmith Heyerdahl a.s. won the Business Award 2009 in competition with many nomination across Norway.

The company has currently 25 motivated and professionally skilled employees.

During the event Thomas Heyerdahl showed a combination of the company`s exclusive jewelry brands:
Danish Julie Sandlau: A fashionable jewelry brand with affordable prices and high design factor.
Italian Al Coro: A more Exclusive jewelry brand with a mix of diamonds, white and rose gold.
Thomas Heyerdahl also presented one of his self-designed jewelry
Rings in rose gold and a bracelet in silver with 700 diamonds, price tag : about USD 32.000

bracelet heyring heynecklace hey necklace hey 2jewelry julie003


Kathrine Nørgård is a Norwegian designer known for her glamorous  dresses and lately her men `s suits  that appeal to all age groups.
Kathrine Nørgård designs are fashionable and timeless.
She is dressed in a large amount of Norwegian celebrities which includes. Tone Damli , Kathrine Sørland, Mari Haugsveen, Cathrine Lars Hill,
Kathrine Nørgård launched a  line of men’s suits in early 2012, where she focuses on classic designs and made to measure suits.

kathrine kathrine nørgård

During the event announced Kathrine Nørgård her new upcoming line that will be budget-friendly and  more everyday for everyday use.


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