Intermezzo: Hard work, blood, sweat and tears, I am talking about two young African women, Victoria and Izehi

115….The dream of these two young and ambitious African women is to launch a new magazine ” La grâce “.

Back this name they are thinking about the grace of the Lord, they have been working hard, they have  spend their own money to realize their dream. Their first magazine is produced and now they need the grace and rely on investors and publishers goodwill  to share their passion , their thoughts, their believing with other people through ” La Grâce ” magazine



La Grâce is about passion for people, passion for esthétique and Fashion,

Check some page of the magazine….







And you guys out there, i you can help them or know people that can help them, LET THEIR DREAM COME TRUTH…

Please send an e-mail to., and spread this link to others …

WTF… there`s more to come on ADAMSFILES, be my new follower….


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