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Please read, MUST events for the experienced and fashionable people and…

Red Carpet Lounge Cannes Film Festival at the Majestic Hotel Cannes by FashionTV will for the first time be the meeting place of the Stars, Celebrities and guests who can watch the Red Carpet live from the Balcony of the Majestic Hotel in the comfort of champagne, food, drinks, models and show. Red Carpet Lounge promises to be the iconic party at the Cannes Film festival offering special invitations for guests to attend the events. Before every event top movie stars will be invited to the Red Carpet Lounge instead of waiting at the Lobby of the Hotel. They can greet the crowd from the Red Carpet Lounge balcony like the President, and when it is time to go to the Red Carpet they just walk across.
From the 20-24 of May events will be held to entertain the guests while watching the Red Carpet live.

20 May
 – 16 Year Anniversary of FashionTV (FashionTV Celebrates 16 years of success with guests, celebrities, and friends)

21 May
 – Nightlife Awards (The most prestigious clubs of the world are honored with the Nightlife Awards)

22 May
 – Presentation of  LUXURY MEETS JUSTICE , FashionTV  LUXURY Films introduces its first tv series and feature movie in cooperation and  starring JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME

23 May
 – Photographers Awards Night (The best photographers of the world are honored with the FashionTV Photographers Award) and pre qualification for model awards.

24 May
 – FashionTV Model Awards with Models whose ambition it is to become Movie Stars (Models which had been presenting the latest fashions throughout the week will present the last collection before the best is crowned Miss FashionTV Model 2013)
There will be daily screenings of the trailers between 11am-9pm at the Red Carpet Lounge in the Martha Room behind the bar of the  Majestic Hotel.
Additionally the Red Carpet Lounge is the place where FashionTV will launch the FashionTV Films, focusing on action, romance and documentary films  happening in the World of Fashion  & Luxury.FashionTV Films will show

Fashion icons of the 21 Century.
 12 episodes, 30 minutes each on top designers such as Ferregamo, Armani, Cavalli, Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana etc.

‘Shoot me London / Shoot me LA’,
  12 episodes 3minutes each for mobile phones.

Fashion Photographers, 
  6 episodes with 24minute length on Photographers.

FashionTV World Tour on the Black Diamond Cruise Ship
, 6 episodes 52 minutes each

FashionTVs 16 years of success,
 a 52 minute story of the creation, challenges and successes of FashionTV.

‘Michel Adam – Fashion is my Religion’
 a true action movie of the adventures of Michel Adam, a 2 hour action/biography movie.

FashionTV Films will also launch the joint-venture with JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME  CALLED FASHIONTV LUXURY FILMS.
LUXURY MEETS JUSTICE, 2 seasons of 12 episodes each 52 minutes and 1 feature movie. The story is that Jean-Claude van Damme saves the world from white collar megacriminals of the MADOFF type. He  will fight Cybercrimes, Smuggling, Weapons, Slavery, Pyramid Schemes, Stock Market Manipulation masterminded by tycoons whose addiction to luxury overstepped the rules of justice. . Every episode starts in another city, home to the tycoon scheming a plan to be executed in Dubai. With the help of undercover FashionTV Models and social networks sites and  Jean-Claude van Damme the luxury seeking tycoons are brought to justice.
FashionTV looks forward to seeing you as a guest at these events and offers you the unforgettable experience into the life of the famous and fashionable.

Each ticket
 (€300) will receive a bottle of either Luxury f.Vodka or Fashion Champagne with exclusive FashionTV side-drinks
Guests can reserve a stand-up table (for 5 persons, minimum spend €1500 per table)

Premium tickets (€600 per person)
 will receive sitting tables for larger crowds and a Luxury f.Vodka or Fashion Champagne with exclusive FashionTV side-drinks

Full-day tickets (€900 per person)
 will receive an extra bottle of either Luxury f.Vodka or Fashion Champagne with exclusive FashionTV side-drinks and a premium table.
For full week tickets and prices please contact
For full presentation and details of the Red Carpet Lounge please click here or visit
TO PURCHASE TICKETS PLEASE VISIT FASHIONTV OFFICE BEHIND THE BAR OF THE MAJESTIC HOTEL BETWEEN 2 TO 6 PM   OR  click here or visit or speak to the Concierge at your HotelFashionTV has partnered with


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